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Individual Therapy: Together, Dr. Fadell and her clients determine the most effective and direct approach to take to achieve emotional health.  Many people have waited a long time to feel heard, understood, and empowered; and to feel they have a clear plan for success.  This plan provides a solid foundation for change on which the client can build.  It also helps clients identify their own arsenal of strengths they have lost or never knew they had.


Couples Work:  The ability to relate intimately to another human being in a healthy and positive manner is no easy feat.  Couples tend to become locked into scripts, which include how they communicate, their movement toward and away from each other, and their individual family patterns carried over from childhood.  Dr. Fadell helps couples in all stages of distress, ranging from low-level conflict to those who are contemplating separation or divorce.


Psychological Testing for Adults: It is not unusual for an adult to seek testing after years of struggling with attention, organization, task completion, and time-management.  Dr. Fadell provides testing for adult ADD/ADHD and psychological evaluations for clients needing clearance for bariatric surgery.



Adolescents and Families

Therapy for Adolescents (ages 13 to 18) and Families: Parent involvement is absolutely essential to the assessment and treatment of adolescents (ages 13 to 18).  There are 168 hours in each week, and without parents as ‘co-therapists’ during the remaining 167 hours outside of session, interventions are rarely successful.  Dr. Fadell fosters a team approach, whereby parent carry insights, information, and actions learned in therapy back to the home environment.


Psychological Testing: Dr. Fadell is an experienced diagnostician who provides testing for children ages 6 to 18 to determine the presence of ADD/ADHD or learning challenges.  In addition to being a fully licensed psychologist, she is also a certified school psychologist.


Postpartum Depression and Anxiety / Infertility and Fetal Loss:  Postpartum depression and anxiety are serious mental health problems for women and their families, with an estimated prevalence of 10-15% among new mothers.  For 11 years, Dr. Fadell's work at WSU and the DMC focused on enhancing the postpartum relationship between mother and infant and working with new mothers to be happy and emotionally healthy during this very special time.


Dr. Fadell also works with women and couples struggling with infertility.  This can be an extremely stressful time for the couple and raises many sensitive emotions.  Whether a couple is preparing to take the first steps with infertility treatment or have progressed to IVF, Dr. Fadell offers support and a safe environment to process this very delicate phase of life.


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD): Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can take many forms.  Not everyone's symptoms manifest as those shown on television shows such as "Monk."  The defining components of OCD are obsessive thoughts that are intrusive and usually irrational and cause a high level of anxiety.  These thoughts and the subsequent anxiety then require some kind of action (or avoidance) on the part of the individual in order to bring the anxiety down.  However, as those with OCD know, the reduction in anxiety is always only temporary.  The most successful treatment for OCD is called Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP).  Dr. Fadell utilizes this type of therapy using small, gradual steps of exposure that eventually lead to the elimination of symptoms.


Weight Loss and Maintenance Coaching: One of the main reasons people find it so hard to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight is they think about it all wrong.  Changing eating and exercise habits are necessary components for success, and ones everyone knows to do; but they fall short of the whole picture.  Dr. Fadell works with individuals who want to learn how to change their self-defeating and negative thoughts to those that are self-empowering and positive, because how a person thinks directly affects how they feel, which then drives their behavior (action).


Women’s Issues: During the course of being someone’s wife, mother, employee, household accountant, taxi driver, or child-care provider, many women are overwhelmed with their responsibilities and feel as if they have lost a sense of who they are as individuals.  Women tend to put their needs last, a dangerous practice, but one that women have been socialized to accept.  Dr. Fadell assists women to find their voice without feeling guilty or selfish, gain more control over their lives, and invest some of the energy the spend on others back into themselves.







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